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  • Airport Security Check Staff (Tokyo Narita Airport)


    Job Details:

    Exciting New Job Opportunities at Tokyo Narita Airport!

    Calling all permanent VISA holders and N2~N1 JLPT Passers!

    Do you speak English and Japanese regularly? This opportunity is for you!

    Job Position Available:

    • Facility Security
    • Employee Security Check
    • Bus Gate Security Check

    Working Hours/ Week (shift system): 40 hours/ week

    Holidays (shifting system):  8 times/ month

    Average Overtime Hours/Month: 20 hours/month

    Job Condition:

    • Contract Employee

    Age Limit: 18 ~ 59 years old

    Hourly Wage: ¥1,100

    Commuting Allowance (monthly limit): ¥50,000

    Commuting by a car: Possible

    Example of Other allowances: 

    • Certificate Allowance
    • Airport Security Allowance (for Employee Security and Bus Gate Security Check)

    Bonus (2 times/year on average): Soonest Available

    Salary Increase: Soonest Available

    Expected annual salary at time of joining: Soonest Available


    • All information provided is for contract employees
    • Conversion to full-time employment is possible up to age 55, with an exam.

    Accommodation: Not Available

    Accommodation Fee (approximate): Not Available

    Other Benefits:  Soonest Available

    Workplace Appeal Points:

    • Many female employees are active
    • Support for obtaining national qualifications is available ( income increases with certification allowances)

    Entrance Exam Available: Yes

    VISA Sponsorship: Yes


    “Join us in an exhilarating role at Tokyo Narita Airport, where every day brings new experiences!”

    Get ready to kickstart your new career! Sign up and complete the job application form below to be a part of our dynamic team and make a difference in airport security today!

    Please take a moment to read through the following instructions:

    1. Visa Status / Nationality: Indicate your current visa status and nationality. Please provide accurate information as it may be essential for employment eligibility.

    2. First Name / Last Name: Enter your first name and last name exactly as it appears on your official documents.

    3. Postal Code / Prefecture / Japan Address: Fill in your current postal code, the name of your prefecture, and your detailed address in Japan if applicable.

    4. Email Address / Mobile No.: Provide a valid email address and mobile number. Ensure they are accurate, as these will be used for communication purposes.

    5. Birthday / Age: Enter your date of birth and your current age. This information may be relevant for certain job requirements.

    6. Status: Specify your current civil status.

    7. How were you referred to us?: Let us know how you learned about the job opening. This information helps us understand our recruitment channels better.

    8. Japanese Level: Indicate your proficiency in the Japanese language. Use terms provided.

    9. Driver's License: If applicable, specify whether you hold a valid driver's license and provide details as needed.

    10. Work Period / Start of Work: Specify the period you are available to work and your preferred start date. This information helps us in planning our staffing needs.

    Important Notes:
    ・ All information provided should be accurate and up-to-date.
    ・ Incomplete or inaccurate information may affect the evaluation of your application.
    ・ If a section is not applicable to you, please write "N/A.

    Airport Security Check Staff (Tokyo Narita Airport)
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