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We are thrilled that you are considering joining our team.

Before you dive into the application form, we want to ensure that you have a smooth and efficient experience.

Please take a moment to read through the following instructions:

Local Applicatipon Form Instrustions

1. Visa Status / Nationality: Indicate your current visa status and nationality. Please provide accurate information as it may be essential for employment eligibility.

2. First Name / Last Name: Enter your first name and last name exactly as it appears on your official documents.

3. Postal Code / Prefecture / Japan Address: Fill in your current postal code, the name of your prefecture, and your detailed address in Japan if applicable.

4. Email Address / Mobile No.: Provide a valid email address and mobile number. Ensure they are accurate, as these will be used for communication purposes.

5. Birthday / Gender: Please enter your date of birth and indicate your gender. This information may be relevant for certain job requirements.

6. Status: Specify your current civil status.

7. Driver's License: If applicable, specify whether you hold a valid driver's license and provide details as needed.

8. Japanese Level / JLPT Score: Please indicate your proficiency in Japanese using the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) scale, ranging from N5 (basic) to N1 (advanced). N5 represents a basic level of proficiency, while N1 indicates a highly advanced level. Additionally, provide your test score if available.

9. Your Recent Job/Part-Time in Japan: Please provide details including the company name, your job position, and the start and end dates of your employment.

10. Fill in the Desired Conditions: Please specify your preferred work period, whether it's full-time (working a standard number of hours per week), part-time (working fewer hours than full-time), long-term (employment lasting an extended duration), or short-term (employment for a limited period). Additionally, indicate your preferred start date for work and how you were referred to us, if applicable.

11. Note: Please provide any additional information or specific instructions relevant to your application or inquiry.

Important Notes:
・ All information provided should be accurate and up-to-date.
・ Incomplete or inaccurate information may affect the evaluation of your application.
・ If a section is not applicable to you, please write "N/A.

International Application Form Instrustions

1. Nationality: Please indicate your citizenship or nationality.

2. First Name: Enter your given or forename.

3. Last Name: Input your surname or family name.

4. Birthday: Provide your date of birth.

5. Gender: Specify your gender (male, female, or other).

6. Email Address: Enter your email where we can contact you.

7. Country: State the country where you currently reside.

8. Current Address: Provide your current residential address.

9. Passport Issuing Country: Specify the country that issued your passport.

10. Passport Expiration Date: Indicate the expiration date of your passport.

11. Highest Level of Education Attained: Please provide the name of the school or university where you obtained your highest degree, along with the year of graduation.

12. Name of Employer/Company: Please provide the name of the organization or company where you attained your highest level of education.

12. Country: Specify the country where the employer/company is located.

14. Job Title/Position: Indicate the job title or position you held during your employment.

15. Start Date and End Date: Provide the dates when you started and ended your employment with the company.

16. Job Responsibilities: Briefly describe your main duties and responsibilities during your employment with the company.

17. Your Cover Letter: Write a cover letter introducing yourself and explaining why you are interested in the position. Share your key qualifications, achievements, and how they align with the role. Use this as an opportunity to showcase your unique strengths.

Important Notes:
・ All information provided should be accurate and up-to-date.
・ If a section is not applicable to you, please write "N/A."
・ Ensure your resume is in a readable format (PDF, Word, etc.).

Local Application Form International Application Form

NOTE: For Applicants Currently Residing in Japan

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    NOTE: For Applicants Wishing to Work in Japan

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