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Welcome to Career Fit International Recruitment Hub: Connecting Opportunities Locally and Globally

Step into the future of recruitment with Career Fit International, your dedicated partner in connecting job opportunities with talented professionals both locally and across borders. This platform serves as the nexus for businesses seeking to fill positions in Japan and those looking to expand their reach to a global talent pool.

Before you dive into the Job Posting Form, please take a moment to read through the following information:

Why Choose Career Fit International for Recruitment?

Local Expertise, Global Reach:

Whether you are recruiting for positions within Japan or tapping into international talent, our platform offers the best of both worlds. Benefit from our local insights and extensive global network to find the right candidates for your organization.

Effortless Posting:

Our user-friendly form simplifies the process of posting job vacancies. For positions within Japan or on an international scale, input the necessary details seamlessly to attract qualified candidates.

Diverse Candidate Pool:

Connect with a diverse and skilled candidate pool. Our platform not only reaches professionals residing in Japan but also extends its reach to global talent actively seeking new opportunities.

Key Features:

Local Job Vacancies:

Post job vacancies for positions based in Japan and attract the attention of local candidates looking for their next career move.

International Recruitment:

Expand your recruitment efforts globally by submitting job orders for positions that require a broader talent search. Leverage our platform to find candidates with the right skills, regardless of geographical boundaries.

Tailored Support:

Our dedicated team is committed to providing tailored support to meet your specific recruitment needs. Whether you're hiring locally or globally, we're here to assist you in finding the best-fit candidates.

How to Get Started:

Access the Form:

Navigate to the provided form and start the process of posting your job vacancies or submitting job orders. Fill in the details accurately to ensure effective candidate matching.

Local and Global Impact:

Experience the impact of reaching both local and global talent. Maximize your recruitment efforts to find the best candidates, whether for roles in Japan or across international borders.


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